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Potassium Carbonate

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White powder Potassium carbonate 99% min
Potassium Carbonate may be monoclinic crystal, white powder, granular crystal or prill. The relative density is 2.428 and the melting point is at 891 degree C .It is easily soluble in water forming a slightly alkaline solution. It is insoluble in alcohol and ether. It has strong hygroscopicity. It easily cakes and turns into Potassium Bicarbonate through absorbing carbon dioxide when exposed to the air for a long time.
Potassium Carbonate for food and industrial grade
Potassium Carbonate is used as raw materials in manufacturing electro tube, TV kinescope, computer display. It is applied in optical glass improving clarity, strength and refractive index. It is also applied in electrode avoiding electric arc breaking-off during welding. It is used to produce food additives like potassium sorbate, monopotassium phosphate, etc. Potassium Carbonate is foliar spray fertilizer and a constituent of compound fertilizer. In dyeing industry, it is us...
Industrial 99% Potassium Carbonate
Potassium carbonate 1. 99%min purity 2. accept SGS 3. packing could as order 4. bottom price and good quality
High quality Potassium Carbonate 98%/99%,Industry grade/Food grade
Potassium Carbonate now is on promotion; High quality with competitive price; GB/T1587-2000 in 25/50/1000kg net Purity:96%,98.5%,99%
Potassium Carbonate
Potassium Carbonate 1.High quality with best price 2.Well reputation 3.Factory with strong supply ability 4. Prompt shipmen
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