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Polyanionic Cellulose PAC HV LV oil drilling grade best price
Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) -HV is for water-based drilling fluids, which can effectively reduces the filtration rate of many water-based oil and gas drilling fluids and may also be used to increase and stabilize viscosity to improve hole cleaning and suspension properties in a wide variety of fluid environment.
sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)ceramic grade
Characteristics In ceramics and constructor industry, CMC acts as thickener. It is a good agent to stabilize, retain moisture. It is useful to make the material viscoid and less-gelatin
good quality Xanthan Gum Oil Drilling Grade
Xanthan gum is also called the cement, han raw rubber, the yellow cell polysaccharide, is a kind of the fake huang of fermentation to produce single spore bacterium polysaccharide, by black rot of wild rapeseed yellow kale to bacterium carbs as the main raw material, after aerobic fermentation biological engineering technology, cutting off 1, 6 - glyc
Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer PAC CMC for oil refining drilling
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose CMC Sodium is one kind of poly anionic cellulose ether which has good solubility in both hot and cold water for oil drilling.
9004-32-4 cmc industrial grade
1-Strict Quality Control 2-Quick Shipment and Short Lead Time 3-Professional Exporting Team 4-OEM/ODM Service
Xanthan Gum - Pet food grade
xanthan gum produced by fermentation of carbohydrate with Xanthomonas campestris, suitable for use in pet food. Xanthan Gum can be used in pet food industry as stabilizer, thickener or emulsifier.
Food Grade Xanthan Gum
Food Grade Xanthan Gum can be widely used as salt/acid resistant thickener,high efficient suspension agent and emulsifier,high viscosity filling agent in viarous food and beverang.It can not only enhance the performance of water-keeping and shape-keeping,but also improve the freeze/thaw stability and mouth-feeling of food and beverage products.
Xanthan Gum Biopolymer the same quality of Duovis for water based drilling fluid system
high-molecular-weight xanthan gum biopolymer used for increasing viscosity in water-based drilling fluid systems.Viscosifier
Competitive Price of Xanthan Gum Oil Drilling API Standard
1)Commodity: Xanthan Gum API 2)mesh: 40-80mesh 3)Certificate: SGS , COA 4)Package: 25kgs kraft paper bags or jumbo bags
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